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Suppluing the set of applications supporting the work in Contact Center

Financial sector

Business problem: The lack of effective managing of the outgoing campaigns, the lack of introducing basic information to the consultant and the lack of ability of storing information collected during the conversation.



  • The tool (campaign manager) was provided to organize and manage sales and eviction campaigns.
  • The software, which shares the conversation’s script, was provided in order to achieve efficient call processing by consultants. It enables both to introduce information about the customer to the consultant during a call and to hold talks by the consultant according to the established pattern. Consultants can put into the presented pattern the information collected from customers in the structured way.

Providing an application processing business data from sales campaigns with the BI module

Financial sector

Business problem: the lack of automated process of maintaining outgoing campaigns. System did not provide complex possibilities of managing the calling.



  • The tool (campaign manager), which allows two-way integration with outside systems, which provide data for calling, was implemented.
  • The manager allows adjusting the sent contacts in the scope of calling priorities, calling calendar, handling situations with no possibility of joining the call, presentation of various phone numbers and many other parameters.

Providing the application checking the level of satisfaction with customers from the service.

Financial sector

Business problem: the lack of possibility to conduct configurable and automated surveys, which describe the level of the NPS marker


  • The tool for creating and conducting Net Promotor Score (NPS) surveys was provided.
  • The tool enables to allocate phone numbers of customers on the basis of the list of contacts for the given agent, skill, team, time of period and the conversation subject.
  • The survey has a form of messages and options of choice enabling to pass information on to the customer and to download the value written down by him (e.g. the rate for conducting the call). The structural choice of the survey (messages and options of choice) is also configurable- for instance in the range of different scale of evaluation.

Providing an application for establishing a real-time contact with the client

Financial sector
Business problem: the lack of two-stage identity confirmation process for the client while using application on-line or using AMT. The verification need to be conducted in the real-time in order to avoid long waiting time for the results.
  • Providing an application, which enables to conduct automated outgoing voice campaigns in real time.
  • The time for connection is less than 15 seconds, counting from the moment of ordering one in mobile application or through ATM.
  • Provided calling mechanism distinguishes and manages the extraordinary situations (lost signal, disconnected call, etc.), in which it modifies the way of calling. For instance, the tool repeats the call after some time.




The service of video chat from the website to the Contact Centre system (B2C)

Financial sector

Business problem: the lack of possibility to immediately help the client, who cannot process the transaction by bank website.



  • Providing the video chat channel from the website to Contact Centre system. The client, who is already using bank website, has a possibility to start the chat, which can be switched to video chat.
  • During the chat, the client can share the view of is desktop to consultant in Contact Center. They can simultaneously use the website, which is visible for the client. The client can see what is written down by the consultant during the session. He also can fill in the tables on his own

Providing an application for collecting business data concerning contact with the client

Energy sector

Business problem: the lack of possibility to collect the data given by the client in a well structured way, and later passing it to billing systems


  • The tool for gathering information passed by the calling clients to Contact Centre.
  • During the connection, the consultant sees the plan of the conversation, which contains the information which should be passed to the client. The consultant also sees the gaps, which should be filled in with the details given by the client.
  • Sets of questions and of collected information can be different depending on the connection’s context. For preparing different plans of conversation, a graphical editor can be used. It is a business tool.

Providing an application for analysis and presentation of the information about the client’s past actions

Financial sector

Business problem: the consultant cannot see the whole history of the contacts between the client and bank during the conversation. Presented history contains only information saved in CRM systems, but they aren't sufficient. They describe just the final effect of the call, not the occurring of the given calls).


  • Providing an application which shows the contact history between the client and his bank (the information gathered through all the contact channels- department, telephone, e-mail, chat, etc.)

Providing an application for monitoring and management of workers efficiency and service processes

Financial sector

Business problem: the lack of one interactive view, which presents the most important markers connected with the work of Contact Centre


  • Providing the application showing configurable statistics in the online mode for individual business areas
  • Providing the module enabling to manage assigning consultants to individual tasks in Contact Center.

Preparing the application enabling arranging the meeting and medical consultation while using the video.

Medical sector

Business problem: the lack of the technological tool enabling the virtual booking of the patient for medical consultation through videoconferencing


  • Providing a mobile and internet application used for the registration of the patient to specialists of different fields of medicine
  • Providing the module of the reception, enabling to manage bookings from a perspective of the medical unit
  • Putting the high quality videoconferences together during the scheduled medical consultation. The conference is being put together using the patient’s mobile device and connect it with the doctor’s computer.

Providing an application for managing the documentation workflow in the company

Sector: technological company

Business problem: Documents (e.g. accountants, agreements) in the company are being stored in the paper form what extends the process of spreading them, archiving and searching. The time for the maintenance of documents by individual participants in the process (e.g. signing) isn't controlled and because of that in the majority of cases it is time-consuming.




  • Providing an application enabling the service of the electronic images of documents,
  • Assigning documents to the participants in the process and monitoring the maintenance time of the documents,
  • Creating the central repository of electronic images of the documents.

Providing an application which presents the data about activities performed by the Contact Center consultant during the phone call based on information gathered from the system of the voice analysis


Financial sector

Business problem: In order to obtain information about what activities were performed by the consultant during the conversation one should search for the conversation at the archive and next in the separate system find information about performed operations. The time of the data analysis in the Contact Centre is extended.

  • Providing an application which is synchronizing data from the storing system of information about the transactions carried out during the conversation with conversation data from the recording system.



Providing an application enabling the service of messages left by Customers in the Bank's transaction system in the form of the e-mail by Contact Center consultants.

Financial sector

Business problem: The customer cares about the centralization and the standardization of interfaces. Therefore there is a need for messages from the transaction system as well as the replies were processed in the same way as e-mail sent to the Bank via the electronic mail system

  • Delivering the two-way converter, exchanging messages from the database of the transaction system to the e-mail and replies email on the message of the transaction system, passing e-mails to the system of the e-mail channel service in Contact Center.


Providing an application for the service of emergencies by automatic juxtaposing the teleconference with the team for the crisis management.

Financial sector

Business problem: During the situation of the breakdown fast collecting team for the crisis management is crucial. It is a dispersed team, members of which must immediately establish fast telephone link to the automatically created teleconference.

  • Providing an application which automatically creates the audio conference on the WebEx platform while appearing the breakdown
  • The application is sending notifying to the participants defined as members of the team for the crisis management, along with the access link to the teleconference,
  • After using the link, the call is juxtaposed with the teleconference



Providing an application for the communication between teachers at school and of fast notifications.

Educational sector

Business problem: Lack of the system enabling in the fast way to communicate with other employees. They are distracted between different locations.



  • Mobile applications for the Android systems and iOs system enabling to send messages were provided.
  • The application lets creating user groups and message patterns what decreases the service time to the minimum.
  • If the person is lacking smartphone there is a possibility of sending the SMS message

Preparing an application for the Communications with the interpreter

Sector: other

Business problem: Lack of ability of communicating of deaf persons in situations, when the second person doesn't understand the sign language. The lack of ability to communicate in case of not speaking English.



  • The mobile application, which allows for video-conference, was provided.
  • The person or the company, who is using the application, are able through the straight interface to put together the connection with the sign language interpreter and English language interpreter.

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