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The applications we create support business and technology processes in the largest financial institutions in Poland.

Our products are present where you need to process large data sets, manage data sets divided according to business rules and prepare them for external systems (e.g. automatic dialing - so-called Dialers). We provide mechanisms for structured data and information collection in the form of survey and training systems. These mechanisms perfectly match the analytical needs of the organization and enable the automation of important processes.

Dedicated applications

We provide services for the development of dedicated applications, i.e. created for specific customer needs. Our programmers work on the latest and stable server, desktop and mobile technologies. The manufacturing process implemented in our company is based on the Agile methodology.

Dedicated applications

Cooperation with the client takes place constantly, thanks to which we quickly learn the full spectrum of both functional and non-functional requirements. We are able to verify them on a regular basis during work, which guarantees a product that properly meets customer expectations.

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