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The recording systems we offer fully integrate with the telephone system and Contact Center, thanks to which additional data is saved along with the recording to facilitate customer identification. Our solutions provide voice registration, as well as agent workstation screens, e-mails, chats and video.

Analytical systems support business processes by automatically searching and tagging recordings, where defined phrases (words or key phrases) and events (e.g. prolonged silence, raised voice, quarrel, etc.) appear. Such recordings can be used as material for assessing the agent's work, determining the path of his development and starting maintena andnce sales activities.

Some fragments of business processes (such as filling out forms with data, entering the same data in several applications, etc.) can be automatically implemented through robotics mechanisms, which work in the background, analyze the agent's activities and carry out fragments of the process for him, and can prompt what steps should be taken in order from the beginning to the end of the entire business process.

Modern technologies allow the use of voice as a verification and identifying element of the customer. Thanks to the use of voice biometrics, the customer recognition process can be carried out faster and more efficiently, which significantly reduces the time of customer service in Contact Center.

Our offer:

  • we design and implement modern systems for recording voice, image, video, text based on the customer's needs and taking into account existing telephone systems and business processes,

  • we create architecture, install and configure speech analytics, robotics and biometrics solutions based on the individual needs of clients,

  • we conduct business consultations enabling the best adjustment of assessment systems, analytics and robotics to business processes.

The trace of communication with the customer registered in the Contact Center System is of great value for Companies as confirmation of the arrangements between the Consultant and the Customer and as a carrier of information about the development needs of Consultants. We offer reliable solutions that allow you to quickly search for recordings based on criteria set by the user. Recording systems enriched with analytical and robotics (real-time) mechanisms are able to significantly accelerate customer service through automated processes and effective development of consultants' competences.


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